Sunday Best top 10 finalists,30th Stellar Awards move and change dates, Brian Courtney Wilson's first live effort, Dorthy Norwood on Echo Park, "Meet The Manns" coming to BET, Stellar's in Vegas, Donald Lawrence to headline Gospel’s Best 3 Day Concert and Indie Artist Showcase, Festival of Praise Tour with Fred and Donnie to kick off, Deitrick Haddon and Michelle Williams 'Fix My Choir'. Anita Wilson is our Artist in the Spotlight.(See Artist Spotlight page) - - - Listen to Interviews with Darnell Davis, Reid J. Rich, Ricky Dillard, L. Spenser Smith, Ami Rushes, Kenny Lewis and Tasha Page Lockhart. The Gospel Spotlight, YOUR INSIDE SOURCE FOR THE HOTTEST GOSPEL MUSIC AND NEWS! Shinning It's Light On The Gospel Music World...The Gospel Spotlight!
Reid J. Rich
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LSpenser Smith
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Ami Rushes
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Kenny Lewis
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July 31, 2014 UPDATE!!...  Festival of Praise Tour with Fred and Donnie to kick off.... Rance Allen Group to drop new single.... Chicago Mass in the community...July 31, 2014 UPDATE!!...Sunday Best top 10 finalists... 



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